How is Dietary Lifestyle change different from Dieting?

How is Dietary Lifestyle change different from Dieting?

By Devina Bangotra  on: 18 June 2018
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Hey Readers! How are you doing? Feeling Healthier and Happier? No? Now you will today we are going to talk about a unique topic “How is Dietary Lifestyle different from dieting?”  Now let us first talk about what is Dieting? Dieting includes changing your eating habits to get a particular outcome-either weight loss or weight gain.  On the other hand Dietary Lifestyle change includes changes of adopting healthy habits that promote your goal.

Dieting focuses on food intake while Dietary Lifestyle change includes factors like what we eat and how some factors affects our Health? For example which type of exercise is going to benefit you the most? Dieting is a temporary solution while Dietary Lifestyle change is a permanent solution to have a healthy and happy life.

One thing I mentioned was healthy habits, but you may say all my habits are healthy. How will you know that your habits are healthy or not unless or until you know what are unhealthy habits? So now let’s see the habits that should be completely avoided by you.

Unhealthy Habits that should be completely avoided  

    Eating lots of snacks because of taste not for hunger

This is something that happens with all of the youngsters but do you know its adverse effects? It leads to overeating and gaining extra weight that leads to diabetes, heart diseases and other serious health issues. You are just loading your body with unhealthy elements. Pay attention to your hunger signals and feed yourself with healthy snacks, you can increase your nutrition, reduce carvings , lose weight est. Your weight will become a healthy body weight. For that you have to replace unhealthy trans fat like sugar, refined carbohydrates, extra sodium.

How to reverse this habit if you have it?

  • Eat only when your body carves for food.
  • Stop eating when your stomach feels full.
  • Don’t eat because of anger, sadness or anxiety.
  • Ban unhealthy snacks from your home.
  • Stock your kitchen with healthy food.
  • Plan healthy and tasty snacks to eat.

     Watching TV for too much time sitting on a couch

Now my readers are full of curiosity or anger that it’s so old. O please now you will say it will affect our eyes. I am not going to say it at all. Watching more TV is equivalent to less physical activities. Why you watch TV? To relax? But when you can relax as well as get healthy by walking in park for 1 hour so why you don’t do it? You basically have a lot of time for knowing what’s happening in a life of a character but have no time for your life? Just try it at least 2-3 days then it will become your habit. You may think it has no adverse effect but it does have. If you will keep on sitting, it leads to overweight and Type-2 Diabetes. If you turn some of your TV time to active time ,you can be more fit, reduce more calories. You will have a fit body and sound sleep, more energy, better mood, clear mind.

How to reverse this habit if you have it?

  • Set a time for TV and exercise like 1.5 hours for TV and 30 minutes for exercise.
  • Don’t keep browsing channels. Watch only if you have something specific to watch.
  • Don’t eat snacks in front of TV. You eat a lot more when in front of TV than normal eating .
  • Start exercising while watching TV. Do Push-Ups or keep a treadmill in TV room
  • Utilize your time in doing something else at time of advertisements.
  • Talk with your parents, friends more. It will make you feel calm and happy.

        Stressing too much about money debts

Seriously this is a health issue. Studies have shown that financial worries contribute to high blood pressure, headache, indigestion, excess drinking and smoking, gaining or losing lot of weight. Just keep in your mind that everything takes time but if in this time you get unhealthy, it takes more time. Remember “Health is Wealth”. Try some money saving habits so that you never have this problem.

How to reverse this habit if you have it?

  • Learn about managing money.
  • Stop using Credit Cards.
  • Maintain a budget plan.
  • Automate bill payments and savings by online banking.
  • Set your priorities for money spending.

        Getting sunburned a lot of times in summer

If you spend a lot of time outside, there are chances of getting sunburned. Sunburn leads to destroying elastic fibers that make skin look soft and smooth. So basically sunburn leads to early aging of skin. It can lead to serious problems like skin cancer.

How to reverse this habit if you have it?

Sorry to mention it as a habit as for some people It is a daily routine to go out in sun but it is for those who just go out for fun in summers and destroy their skin.

  • Schedule an annual skin checkup
  • Always apply sunscreen lotion.
  • Wear some stalls, hats to stay protected in sun.
  • If you see any change in your skin, contact doctor as soon as possible.
  • Drinking green tea can help against skin damage according to some latest research so please do try.

        Angry behavior

If you keep on scolding everyone, keep on getting angry at small things. It leads to higher blood sugar level ,slow digestion and make you feel sad and down every time.

How to reverse this habit if you have it?

  • Stop getting angry too easily.
  • Try some anger releasing activities like yoga.
  • Be optimistic.
  • Do some relaxing and enjoyable things.
  • Do something childish like going to amusement parks.

If you will follow all the steps to avoid any one of the habit if you have it then you have taken your steps towards Dietary Lifestyle Change.For more information consult a dietician.

How Dietary Lifestyle Change Helps?

It leads to maintain your weight. Following a dietary lifestyle change have helped 20 % of dieters maintain their weight. These changes include avoiding unhealthy habits mentioned above, eating breakfast regularly, exercising one hour daily on average, maintain consistent eating patterns, keeping a record of what you have eaten whole day.

So I hope you loved reading this blog for more stay tuned. Drop your comments to ask questions and get health tips. For free consultancy register now! Till then stay healthy and happy.


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Obesity can be caused by some chemical molecules called chemical obesogenes.  They are the molecules that do not properly regulate lipid metabolism in body and thus it lead to obesity. Some researchers have told that smoking before or after pregnancy can cause obesity in child. Some obesogenes are found in commonly used products like hand bags, wallpaper, tile and vacuum cleaner dust collected from 20 houses by University of New York. Phthalates are linked to obesity and are present in many PVC items like scented products including fresheners, laundry products and personal care products. Bisphenol A is one of the environmental obesogenes which reduces the overall number of fat cells but make rest of them larger. Effects of these obesogenes in animals are same as in a low- birth weight babies. Studies have concluded that obesogenes increases an individual metabolism of gaining weight. In a Research, it has been found that a chemical TBT , a compound found in pesticides , can trigger fat cell creation . So now when we know many facts related to obesity , lets proceed to how we turn obese ? How we turn Obese? Household food habits/ own food choice- When you eat lots and lots of unhealthy food, then it obviously leads to obesity. Unhealthy food like fast food, not eating fruits and vegetables, having white bread instead of brown , drinking excess alcohol, eating out a lot , eating more than required, eating too much when you are depressed . Lack of Exercise and Physical Activity – In our busy lives, we keep on sitting on a desk in office, rely on cars for commuting to office rather than walking or cycling . On our holiday also we watch TV, surf on internet or play video games . In short we are too busy to take regular exercises. This is something which sound like a lecture to youngsters, please do some physical activity but if you are not active enough, you cannot use the energy obtained from eating food. Genetics- Some people says that it run in my genes. My parents are also fat and so am I. Blah! It’s useless excuse. It’s not impossible for anyone; all of you can become healthy if you have a will to do so. Yes it maybe that you have same appetite as your parents but it doesn’t make it impossible for you to lose weight. So from now I hope you will start eating healthy and do more physical activities to become healthy. I already mention some of the diseases that are result of obesity now let’s go into details of how obesity can affect our health? How obesity can affect our health? Cardiovascular disease- Extra weight increase cholesterol and blood pressure which causes cardiovascular diseases. But I have good news for you if you lose weight, it lower the risk of having cardiovascular diseases. Type 2 diabetes- Mostly people having type 2 diabetes are overweighed or obese.  But again I will never disappoint you, by losing weight and having a balanced diet you can cure that too. Cancer- Kidney cancer, breast cancer, cancer of colon is connected to obesity.  Gallbladder disease- Either you are over weighted or underweighted , it leads to gallbladder diseases so don’t think of losing so much weight to cure this , just maintain a healthy BMI . Breathing Problem- When you have breathing problem, you stop breathing for brief periods which interrupt your sleep in whole night and cause sleepiness during daytime. It also leads to snoring. Due to obesity, weight of chest walls squeeze the lungs and lead to restricted breathing. Psychological Effects- People who are overweighed or obese get bullied by other peoples. They are blamed by their families for their condition that they are lazy. So please don’t get dishearten if you are obese. Beauty lies in the eyes of seer and one who consider you to be ugly because of your weight, define how beautiful they are? Right? Everyone can become beautiful as real beauty is inner beauty. I am not encouraging you to remain fat but I want to tell you that it’s curable; you just need to be calm and patient with yourself. Treating Obesity with a healthy diet Having low carb diet can work for short term but for long term, it is better to limit your calorie intake. Follow these steps:- Instead of a general diet plan go for a customized diet plan made for you. A plan that is made according to your likes and dislikes will have a better chance of you following it well. Include variety of food in your diet. There are healthy fats too so don’t leave healthy fats like nuts, seeds, olive oil EST. They make your heart healthy. Choose to eat whole grains such as brown rice, wheat bread. Eat fruits and vegetables at least 5 times in a day. Eat by seeing food label .Don’t eat high calorie foods. So I hope you know everything you need to know Obesity. If you think I missed out on something, mention in the comment section. Stay  tuned for more blogs till then stay healthy and happy.                                                     
Hypertension: A Silent Killer
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  Hey Readers. How are you doing?  Feeling happy and healthy? I hope that no reader reading my blog is having this problem but if you are then? So in this blog we will talk about what is Hypertension?  What are its causes? What are its symptoms? What are its consequences? And every problem has a solution,  Treatments of Hypertension and Dieticians recommendation on it. So let’s proceed sequentially. What is Hypertension? It is just another name for high blood pressure. It can lead to serious problems like heart diseases, stroke and death. What is high blood pressure or what is blood pressure? Blood pressure is force exerted by blood against blood vessels walls. This pressure is dependent on work being done by heart and blood vessels resistance. Facts related to hypertension Normal blood pressure is about 80-120 mm Hg. Higher than 130 means high blood pressure. Cause of high blood pressure is stress. Causes of Hypertension Age Hypertension is more common in people of age more than 60 years. With increasing age your arteries become stiff and narrow due to building up of plaque. Weight If you are over-weighted then you have more risk of hypertension. Tobacco and Alcohol consumption Consuming alcohol in excess leads to a rise in blood pressure. Same goes with tobacco. Existing Medical condition People suffering from diseases like diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease Other Causes Low Potassium in Diet High Sodium in Diet Genetic Symptoms of Hypertension So it’s an irony if you search for any symptoms of it. What is our topic? Hypertension-A silent killer. So as the topic suggests it’s a silent killer. You will hardly notice any symptoms of it. But if it is not detected it leads to serious health issues and problems. So have a regular check on your blood pressure. Still if you want to know some general symptoms, they are sweating, anxiety, sleeping problems and blushing. That natural blush is actually a symptom of hypertension. Go and have check ladies. You may also experience headache. There are no fixed symptoms for it so it’s better to consult doctor and have a regular check. Consequences of Hypertension Hypertension for long-term can lead to:- Heart attack or heart fail Abnormal bulge in wall of artery that leads to its burst which leads to high bleeding or death Failure of Kidney Heart stroke Blindness of eyes Regular testing and treatment can help you avoid these consequences. Treatment of Hypertension Doing physical exercise on a regular basis Devote 90 minutes of your week in exercises like swimming, walking, jumping, aerobic exercise est. Reduce stress Avoid all the activities that stress you. Do more activities which make you feel happy.   Recommendation of Dieticians on Hypertension Reducing sodium amount Mostly people have a myth that you should reduce salt content. No, you should reduce sodium amount not salt. Average intake of sodium on a day is 12 g and it should be 5 g. so our dieticians recommend that you should take less sodium in your diet to avoid hypertension. Less alcohol consumption If you are habitual of drinking, reduce its amount at least. Our dieticians recommend drinks for men and one for women. People, who find it difficult to cut off, contact dieticians. Consuming more fruits and vegetables People at risk of high blood pressure are advised by dieticians to eat as little saturated and total fat as possible. Dieticians recommend:- Whole grain and high fiber foods Variety of fruits and vegetables Nuts, pulses and beans Fish rich in omega-3 twice a week Olive oil Skinless fish and poultry Low-fat dairy products Avoid eating trans fats and animal fats and eat portion of moderate size. DASH diet DASH diet means “Dietary approaches to stop Hypertension” Dieticians say that this diet will:- Lower high blood pressure Improve fat levels in blood streams Reduce risk of heart disease For further details on this contact us as soon as possible. Thanks for reading hope you got to know all you needed to know. Keep on reading our blogs for healthy tips like these and don’t forget to consult our dieticians. Till then stay healthy and happy.
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