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  • Hypertension: A Silent Killer

    In Health Tips On 18 June 2018

      Hey Readers. How are you doing?  Feeling happy and healthy? I hope that no reader reading my blog is having this problem but if you are then? So in this blog we will talk about what is Hypertension?  What are its causes? What are its symptoms? What are its consequences? And every problem has a solution,  Treatments of Hypertension and Dieticians recommendation on it. So let’s proceed sequentially. What is Hypertension? It is just another name for high blood pressure. It can lead to serious problems like heart diseases, stroke and death. What is high blood pressure or what is blood pressure? Blood pressure is force exerted by blood against blood vessels walls. This pressure is dependent on work being done by heart and blood vessels resistance. Facts related to hypertension Normal blood pressure is about 80-120 mm Hg. Higher than 130 means high blood pressure. Cause of high blood pressure is stress. Causes of Hypertension Age Hypertension is more common in people of age more than 60 years. With increasing age your arteries become stiff and narrow due to building up of plaque. Weight If you are over-weighted then you have more risk of hypertension. Tobacco and Alcohol consumption Consuming alcohol in excess leads to a rise in blood pressure. Same goes with tobacco. Existing Medical condition People suffering from diseases like diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease Other Causes Low Potassium in Diet High Sodium in Diet Genetic Symptoms of Hypertension So it’s an irony if you search for any symptoms of it. What is our topic? Hypertension-A silent killer. So as the topic suggests it’s a silent killer. You will hardly notice any symptoms of it. But if it is not detected it leads to serious health issues and problems. So have a regular check on your blood pressure. Still if you want to know some general symptoms, they are sweating, anxiety, sleeping problems and blushing. That natural blush is actually a symptom of hypertension. Go and have check ladies. You may also experience headache. There are no fixed symptoms for it so it’s better to consult doctor and have a regular check. Consequences of Hypertension Hypertension for long-term can lead to:- Heart attack or heart fail Abnormal bulge in wall of artery that leads to its burst which leads to high bleeding or death Failure of Kidney Heart stroke Blindness of eyes Regular testing and treatment can help you avoid these consequences. Treatment of Hypertension Doing physical exercise on a regular basis Devote 90 minutes of your week in exercises like swimming, walking, jumping, aerobic exercise est. Reduce stress Avoid all the activities that stress you. Do more activities which make you feel happy.   Recommendation of Dieticians on Hypertension Reducing sodium amount Mostly people have a myth that you should reduce salt content. No, you should reduce sodium amount not salt. Average intake of sodium on a day is 12 g and it should be 5 g. so our dieticians recommend that you should take less sodium in your diet to avoid hypertension. Less alcohol consumption If you are habitual of drinking, reduce its amount at least. Our dieticians recommend drinks for men and one for women. People, who find it difficult to cut off, contact dieticians. Consuming more fruits and vegetables People at risk of high blood pressure are advised by dieticians to eat as little saturated and total fat as possible. Dieticians recommend:- Whole grain and high fiber foods Variety of fruits and vegetables Nuts, pulses and beans Fish rich in omega-3 twice a week Olive oil Skinless fish and poultry Low-fat dairy products Avoid eating trans fats and animal fats and eat portion of moderate size. DASH diet DASH diet means “Dietary approaches to stop Hypertension” Dieticians say that this diet will:- Lower high blood pressure Improve fat levels in blood streams Reduce risk of heart disease For further details on this contact us as soon as possible. Thanks for reading hope you got to know all you needed to know. Keep on reading our blogs for healthy tips like these and don’t forget to consult our dieticians. Till then stay healthy and happy.

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