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  • Things you need to know about PCOD/PCOS & It's Home Remedies

    In Health Tips On 25 April 2018

    Things you need to know about PCOD/PCOS & it’s  Home Remedies What is PCOD/PCOS Polycystic ovarian disease/syndrome is a hormonal imbalance in female body during childbearing years. Today one in every 10 women is suffering from PCOD. Due to an imbalance of reproductive hormones ovaries lose their normal function and fluid-filled cyst start to develop instead of ova. PCOD makes it different for women to conceive. Causes: The exact cause of PCOD is not known. The underlying reason for PCOD is a high level of male hormone in the female body. Symptoms: Weight-gain Excessive  growth of facial hair Irregular menstrual cycle or no cycle Fertility issue   Treatment: Doctors prescribe hormone treatment for PCOD to balance male hormones. Most doctors focus on losing weight and clean eating. There are various home remedies which can help in reducing symptoms of PCOD. The remedies are listed as follows: Methi/ Fenugreek seed water: Methi water improves metabolism and curbs bloating. It helps in digestion, especially of carbohydrates. A spoonful of methi seed can be soaked overnight in a glass of water. Boil this water in the morning and strain the seeds. Drinking this water empty stomach in the morning regulates hunger and keep the bloating aways. Since it increases metabolism, it helps in burning calories as well. Vitamin D: Vitamin D plays a very significant role in maintaining a good reproductive system. Vitamin D also plays an active role in maintaining metabolism and calcium absorption. Deficiency of vitamin D causes weakness in muscles, fatigue and brain fog. According to a study, 60-70 percent of women having PCOD also have a vitamin D deficiency. So it is important to get yourself tested and supplement the deficiency. Weight-loss: After following the first two steps, one has to start focusing on his/her diet. It should be a balanced diet with no high fat, high sugar or high salt content. Junk food must be avoided completely. Carbonated drinks/ aerated drink have very high sugar quantity in them. They must be avoided. Processed foods such as cheese, packed beans, chips, and canned food item should be avoided. It is better to hire a qualified dietician to help you customize a diet plan according to your needs. Apple cider vinegar: ACV help in increasing insulin sensitivity thus control the symptoms of PCOD. 2 Tablespoon ACV can be taken in the morning with water. Coconut Oil: It is the best oil because of its MCT levels. Cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil is rich in antioxidants and relieving symptoms of pcod. It regulates blood sugar levels and reduces LDL which is bad cholesterol. A spoonful of coconut oil is recommended daily. Fish Oil: Besides controlling bad cholesterol and gives numerous benefits to heart, fish oil is also very effective in insulin sensitivity. Studies show that Fish oil increase insulin sensitivity by 43%. It can be included in the diet as a supplement or by consuming oily fish. Some vegan options could be chia seeds and flax seeds. Flaxseed: Flaxseed is one of the most effective natural treatments for PCOS because it attacks the problem at the root. This miracle food contains high amounts of lignan, a compound that has been shown to bind to testosterone in the blood and promote its excretion. This translates to less of the unpleasant side effects caused by hormonal imbalances. Flaxseed can be added to the flour and can be used as it is in chapatti. It can also add a nutritious twist to green smoothies or baked goods. One can make its laddoos as well with jaggery or simply roast them and have it. Two tablespoons per day deliver a good chunk of fiber and is an excellent starting point. Bitter Gourd:  Commonly know as karela is helpful is controlling the insulin levels. It is thought to work by inhibiting glucose uptake, suppressing key glucose-producing enzymes, and supporting the function of the pancreas in insulin secretion. Bitter gourd, as its name suggests, has a strong bitter flavor, but can be paired with other vegetables like onions or tomatoes to tone down the taste. it can also be soaked in tamarind juice for 30 minutes before cooking to help remove bitterness prior to cooking. A common practice is to sprinkle salt on it and leaving for 30 minutes then rinse with water to get rid of bitterness. Nowadays bitter gourd Air fried crisps are also available.                

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