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Marriage : Bride/Groom Slimming and glow boosting diet program

Marriage : Bride/Groom Slimming and glow boosting diet program

Marriage holds a special place in our lives. Marriages in indian culture are like a festival of beauty, food and eternal togetherness. Brides everywhere are expected to have that glow from within which reflects their happiness and consent for marriage. Grooming of the Groom is also important and compliment the bride. A well tonned and smart body is desirable by every groom.

In this busy life and polluted environment, the would be brides are under constant pressure of having beautiful glowing skin and toned body. Due to the preparation of wedding, bride/ groom are constantly busy and under stress. This stress also reflects on the skin and body. Due to faulty dietary habits, irratic schedules and work pressure personal care generally tend to lag behind. Skipping meals, eating junk food and emotional eating affects the metabolism and repurcussions are visible on skin too.

Nothing can beat the glow that comes from within through healthy and well nourished body.Our special Marriage : Bride/Groom Slimming plan is specially designed to help the bridge/groom to achieve the desired look for their special day. Bride/Groom are screened for nutritional deficiencies first and then a special customized plan is tailored by our team of experts. The Diet plan first detoxifies the body and then work on providing all macro and micronutrients to achieve the complete health.

We design a special excerise routine as well for Bride/Groom to expedite the results. The plan is built to minimise the stress levels and promote fitness and weight-loss without leaving the body pale or weak. The Diet plan only contains natural food items which can be readily available in local market. Our experts also keep the seasonlity and personal choice of the Bride/Groom is mind. The meal plans and wholesome and nutritious. We do not recomment and fad diets or mono diets. 

After the detoxification of impurities and toxins from the body, now its time for the next step which is Diet plan for the concerned issue. The Diet is planned to address a lot of issues such as breakouts on skin, acne and pimples. It is also  planned to correct digestion and stress management to name a few. During this entire journey our Dieticians are in constant touch with you to monitor your progress and help you adhere to the plan.

We do not recommend any artificial suppliments/ fat burning pills/ mass gainers. Our plans are based on real food. We believe in natural ingredients and simple herbs and spices available in the kitchen. Eating less or eating just salads is not a guarentee of good health. Our Diet plans.are powerful enough to help you achieve the desired results. We do not recommend rigorous workout regime or extreme fad or crash diets. 

We believe in change of habits and lifestyle to help you acheive your lost health and confidence. It is difficult in the beginning to form new healthy habits. Studies show it takes three weeks for human brain to form a habit and till then you have us to help you remind those habits.

 A sustainable and long lasting Diet plan is a well balanced Diet plan which allows you to have best of all the things good for you in correct portion size or quantity. Food is a way of life. We must enjoy the food and relish everything given to us by nature. All the food item have some health benefit or the other however it is important to understand the quantity and timing of consumtion. Fad diets come and go. Crash diets come and go but a balanced meal plan and correct  lifestyle will always be there to bring you back to health and well being. 

Our Diet plans will start showing the results within first week itself. Increase in energy levels, improvement in sleep and change in weight are some visible changes after you start following the plan. We help you through out your health journey with us and our expert are always just a phone call ways. So just relax and enjoy your time and we got your back.



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